Good God almighty, Burton have done it again...

Good God almighty, Burton have done it again with this, the fourth instalment of their nine-part Presents... series, featuring Mark Sollors and Alek Oestreng.

It flips the modern video part on it's head, showcasing doubles in the street before switching over the hyper styled out backcountry to finish - the most you'll see out here from Sollors is a seven. Raising the bar once again in these webisodes, that last front three is one of the biggest, baddest and ballsiest we've seen in a while.

Not that that's the only rad front three in the edit, oh no! Roope Tonteri and Ben Ferguson both have cameos and the latter's follow cam-filmed off-the-toes 360 at 3.45 is about as stylish as park riding gets. We're waiting on tenterhooks for when his part - shared with Danny 'The Dude' Davis - goes live in a fortnight.

The rest of the series will be released as follows: