Snowboarding, in pretty much every sense possible, is full of ups and downs. And when you're Mark McMorris - especially Mark McMorris in this Olympic year - we'd imagine it's a little bit like being on a pogo stick.

We look back at the Canuck's tumultuous season on and off the slopestyle circuit.

Burton's latest 'Burton Presents...' dedication goes to McLovin, following up on Mikkel Bang and Jeremy Jones' straight-up snowboarding with a look back at the Canuck's tumultuous season on and off the slopestyle circuit.

Of course - much of this past year has already caught the attention of the general snowboarding public when you're talking about Mark. In competition - hopes were high early on with a promising win at the Dew Tour, before almost being completely shattered in the X Games broken rib fiasco - and here we get a full behind the scenes recap of the whole thing.

Then - just a week after his tumble - Mark landed in Russia for the Olympics! No pressure for Canada's poster boy... But even with the recent injury, he battled on through to take bronze in slopestyle - prompting some fantastic headlines in the process, the pride of a nation!

What may not have already cropped up in your McLovin radar, are the lower key trips - like his Baldface expedition with Travis Rice and Eric Jackson. But they get some light here too - as well as a fair amount of training footage, and a brilliantly familiar 'get off the landing' moment circa 2.17.

Of course, the true fans, the watchers of MTV's McMorris & McMorris probably know this story all too well by now - but not to worry, we expect at age 20 he's got a lot more to come...

The rest of the series will be released as follows: