Here's the latest episode of Flipside - the popular behind the scenes series from Absinthe Films. This one largely looks at what went down when Swiss young-bucks Mat Schaer and Pat Burgener joined forces with Sylvain Bourbousson and Lucas Debari to launch an all-out military style assault on the St. Luc backcountry. Mat and Pat may be young but they certainly know a thing or two about stomping tricks into powder, whipping out a ton of double cork variations. Mat grew up riding in the Swiss backcountry while Pat is more of a contest rider these days but both are impressive here. After that session, Mat, Sylvain and Lucas go on the hunt for some natural lines, finding a perfect snow-tit, amongst other spots to send it off.

If you want to see this footage and more in actual full parts, be sure to download a copy of Resonance on iTunes. And don't forget that our long-running Absinthe editing comp is also back for another year, giving you access to some of this footage and a whole load more for you to edit together into your own banging Absinthe teaser.