As the west coast of America settles into one of the worst snow years on record, many of the powder centred crews like the dudes from Warp Wave could be left high and dry. But instead of just bemoaning the fact most of the off-piste is just sticks and stones right now, we're seeing more rad park edits like this one emerging.

Warp Wave: keeping snowboarding smiling

Check out Taylor Carlton and Tucker Andrews as they rip mad turns, slashes and aerials through the Boreal snow park, making full use of every transition the jumps lines have to offer regardless of what direction the intended flow is headed. It's fun stuff, and inspiring at that: how differently will you look at the next park you enter after seeing this?

Felix Mobarg, Gared Schneider and Warp Wave founders Gray Thompson and Eric Messier also feature in this positive spin on a dire winter for the West Coast, keeping snowboarding smiling.