When you take four of the top women in snowboarding (Cheryl Maas, Sarka Pancochova, Christy Prior, Elena Hight) and unleash them on a snowy Kitsteinhorn, the results are pretty marvellous. That's exactly what Volcom did, showing - just as they did in True To This - that they know how to put together a team.

The unique styles of each rider get a brilliant showcase here; when you see a Sarka back 7, or an Elena alley-oop rodeo, or a Christy back 1 japan - that you might also have seen in her barnstorming season edit - it's immediately clear who's throwing down the hammer.

Plus there's just enough trippy weirdness to make it undoubtedly a Volcom edit. You need a pretty high tolerance for slo-mo to watch this whole thing, but trust us - it's worth it.