Groms - sometimes they get on your nerves so much you just wanna pack 'em in a van and send them away, far away. At least that's what Volcom must have done when they started irritating the farmers on whatever plantation they grew their latest crop of super-talented young guns on. 'Just get them the fuck outta here!'

Like any good antihero outcasts though, they joined together as the Stone army, ready to take over whatever parts of the States they ended up at, and this time around it was New England that got invaded. Loon Mountain, Seven Springs and Yawgoo all fell before their military might before they journeyed West to Mammoth.

Benny Milam, Jake Selover, Reid Smith, Zach Normandin, Lyon Farrell, Brock Crouch, Chandler Hunt, Cody Warble, Merrick Joyce, Parker Szumowski, Mary Rand, Richie Conklin, Mike Ravelson, Scott Blum and Frank Knab somehow all fitted in the one tiny van, with their master general Jamie Lynn making a guest appearance right at the end of the credits.