The annual Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Champs went down at Mammoth Mountain this past weekend, bringing together the best amateur rail riders in North America for one final throwdown.

The Volcom PBRJ champ edits from Mammoth are usually pretty damn heavy, and this year's edition is no exception. When you have a grip of the best amatuer jibbers in the whole of the US in one place and an insane rail setup to shred, progression is simply unavoidable.

Some of the tricks that were stomped in the contest were straight ridiculous, with all manner of spins on and off rails, big gaps, technical switch ups and more.

Featured riders: Benny Milam, Kyle Kennedy, Jed Sky, Danika Duffy, Mariah Dugan, Judd Henkes, Mike Ravelson, AJ Lawson, Miles Fallon, Garrett Mackenzie, Keegan Hosefros, Matt Shaffer, Mike Skiba, Drayden Gardner, Buzz Holbrook, Jake Coleman and more.

Volcom Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Championships 2015 Results

16 and Under:

1st – Judd Henkes

2nd – Cooper Whittier

3rd – Drayden Gardnes

4th – Luke Zajac

5th – Keegan Hosefros

16 to 21:

1st – Jake Coleman

2nd – Garrett Mackenzie

3rd – Zac Zajac

4th – Cody Hyman

5th – Dillon McDaniels


1st – Mariah Dugan

2nd – Kayli Hendricks

3rd – Laura Rogoski

4th – Danika Duffy

5th – Ivika Jurgenson


1st – Benny Milam

2nd – Matt Shaffer

3rd – Jed Sky

4th – Kyle Kennedy

5th – Mike Skiba

Electric’s Gooeyest Move – Samm Neumann

Rev’d Rider Award – Brendan Sullivan

Fender Award – Buzz Holbrook

The Call of the Wild Man – Wild Style: Missy McAlpin

Ultimate Recover – Eli Lamm