2014 in snowboarding - as well as being the first year of Olympic slopestyle - could be seen as the year of the alternative contest. Not that weird snowboard competitions are a new thing, not at all. 30 years ago hand shaped halfpipes were still a brand new novelty, but seeing as this was an Olympic year it seems like everyone and their dog has been trying to create the ultimate fun time comp.

Banked slaloms seem to be a popular choice, the Legendary Mt Baker version being the most, well, legendary. This one put on by Volcom in Kitzsteinhorn, Austria, bears one major similarity - the use of one Terje Haakonsen, bizarrely pictured on a snow skate. Maybe my predecessor was wrong, is snow skating cool after all? (No)

But what makes it different from other contests is the addition of the crazy Takeshi's Castle style random obstacle feature, on course avalanches! Watch the dude at 0.50 get mushed!

In all seriousness, it was a freak accident, and luckily one where he walked away unscathed. Just show's that avalanches are still a risk even on piste.

Arthur Longo ended up the champ, beating out Tezza into second place, all in all a fun looking event.