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Jake Blauvelt's new movie will definitely be one to watch. Photo: Scott Serfas

Feeling slightly overwhelmed by the number of snowboard movies, trailers and makings of being released online? Yep, so are we. The number of snowboard movies released online seems to grow exponentially each season.

And when you think that each of these movies will be preceded by at least one, but more usually by two or three teasers (or in the case of Nike's Never Not, about 15!) the sheer amount of snowboarding content uploaded each summer is ridiculous.

What's that stat about YouTube, that 100 hours of video are being uploaded every minute? We reckon at least half of that is probably snowboard teasers. ;-)

So how are you supposed to work out which movies are "must-sees" and which are the snowboard equivalent of a Steven Seagal's next straight-to-bargain-bin release?

Well, worry not, because we've done the leg-work for you, and compiled a list of what we think are the top 40 trailers of the year.

So here without further ado, are the films we believe will be making waves this winter.

Click on a name in the alphabetical list below to jump straight to that teaser, or follow the page breaks to see each in turn. Enjoy!

Absinthe Films - "Dopamine"

Abstract Films - "Abstract"

Airblaster - "Gone Wild"

Aunti Films - "Don't Give a Bloody Sox"

BLV/NTHNG - "Farewell Flowers"

Burton - [Backcountry]


Big Jerm - "Lick The Cat"

CHAMäLEON - The Colors of Snowboarding

DorfKIND Videos - "WEAST"

DVP - "Shadows"

Grindhouse - "Mind Games"

Isenseven - "A Way We Go"

Jake Blauvelt - "Naturally" Trailer 2

KBR Productions - "Golden Years"

Mike "Aemka" Knobel - "Swiss Artsy Knife"

Nike Snowboarding - "Never Not" Campaign Comercial

Nike Snowboarding - "Never Not" Official Teaser Part 1

Nike Snowboarding - "Never Not" AK to Austria

Nitro - "Down To Earth"

NuuLife Cinema - "Wildlife"

Postland Theory - "Periscoping"

Private Film - "#9"

Random Bastards - "Daggers"

Rough Snowboards - "When The Going Gets Rough"

Scandalnavians - "Scandalnavians"

Sexual Snowboarding - "DTF"

Snowboard Canada - "Glimpse"

Sölden Big JumpThe Army Snowboarding - "Ambush"

Think Thank - "Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack"

Too Hard - "Still Hard"

Totally For Asses - "We Out There"

True Color Films - "OUT N ABOUT"

Videograss - "The Last Ones"

Videograss - "The Last Ones" #2

WEARE2012 - "Capitals"

WhatWeWantFilms - "Incoming"

WillFilmForFood - "Livin"

Yougofirst - "One Wave Or Another"

[part title='Burton - Snowboarding']

Burton have split their full team movie into four parts for this year's release: Street, Resort, Backcountry and Women [Snowboarding]. Not only is this single shot trailer pretty rad, we reckon the films themselves might well be too... and guess what? You can download them for free!

[part title='Burton - Backcountry']

The first release from Burton's [Snowboarding] series, 'Backcountry' is already out for download at Burton.com. Jussi Oksanen, Terje Haakonsen, Nicolas Muller and Mark Sollors, ripping in, yes you guessed it.. the backcountry. It's ridiculous, watch it.

[part title='WeAre2012 - "CAPITALS"']

Denis Leontyev and the Russian WeAre2012 crew have been travelling as far and wide as Utah for footage to go in their 2013 film 'Capitals' (you'd have thought they could have found a name that didn't go out of date so quickly). Scouting out streets spots and sketchy rails they're clearly not the locals' favourites, pretty sure they get a death threat in this trailer...

[part title='Isenseven - "A Way We Go"']

In their twelfth film, the isenseven boys are travelling the world and their home countries in search of snow and good times. As a happy coincidence this also results in some sick snowboarding, nice shots in the trees there under Alex Schillers guidance in this trailer.

[part title='CHAMäLEON - The Colors of Snowboarding']

Markus 'Ma' Keller, one of the most truly versatile riders out there, has had his very own film project with Volcom this year. Guest spots in this one are going to Dan Brisse, Terje Haakonsen, Eero Ettala, which is no small green room in itself. We we're pretty stoked on that double tree tap alone.

[part title='Nike Snowboarding - "Never Not" Campaign Commercial']

Nike's Never Not series has had more pre-release material than any other film we can think of. To keep things fair we've only included two. The first is pretty cinematic, highlighting some of the highs and lows for the pros and explaining the idea behind the name.

[part title='Nike Snowboarding - "Never Not" Official Teaser Part 1']

For the official Part 1 Never Not trailer it's team intro time. You're not too likely to be caught by surprise here with some of the biggest names in the industry riding for Nike. Part 1 is out September 2013.

[part title='Aunti Films - '"Don't Give a Bloody Sox"']

Aunti Films are back for 2013 with a trailer for Don't Give a Bloody Sox that's pretty in your face. They’ve changed up their rider list a bit since their debut full length film ‘Mother Falcon Ship’ that dropped last year, but if this is anything to go by, it should be another good one.

[part title='WhatWeWant Films - "Incoming"']

We warned you about this one earlier in the month. Tyler Chorlton, Gerome Mathieu and a whole host of friends return for WhatWeWant Films' second movie...hammers galore.

[part title='Grindhouse - "Mind Games"']

[part title='Think Thank - "Brain Dead and Having a Heart Attack"']

[part title='Private Film - "#9"']

[part title='Snowboard Canada - "Glimpse"']

[part title='BLV/NTHNG - "Farewell Flowers"']

[part title='Nitro Snowboards - "Down To Earth"']

[part title='Abstract Films - "Abstract"']

[part title='WillFilmForFood - "Livin"']

[part title='Videograss - "The Last Ones"']

[part title='Videograss - "The Last Ones" #2']

[part title='NuuLife Cinema - "Wildlife"']

[part title='Too Hard - "Still Hard"']

[part title='Absinthe Films - "Dopamine"']

[part title='Random Bastards - "Daggers"']

[part title='True Color Films - "OUT N ABOUT"']

[part title='KBR Productions - "Golden Years"']

[part title='Sexual Snowboarding - "DTF"']

[part title='Big Jerm - "Lick The Cat"']

[part title='DVP - "Shadows"']

[part title='Postland Theory - "Periscoping"']

[part title='Airblaster - "Gone Wild"']

[part title='Totally For Asses - "We Out There"']

[part title='Sölden Big Jump']

[part title='DorfKIND Videos - "WEAST"']

[part title='Rough Snowboards - "When The Going Gets Rough"']

[part title='Mike "Aemka" Knobel - "Swiss Artsy Knife"']

[part title='The Army Snowboarding - "Ambush"']

[part title='Yougofirst - "One Wave Or Another"']

[part title='Scandalnavians - "Scandalnavians"']

[part title='Nike Snowboarding - "Never Not" AK to Austria']

[part title='Jake Blauvelt: "Naturally" Trailer 2']