Anyone remember the classic Shaun White and Kevin Pearce segment from Mack Dawg's Picture This back in 2007? One of the all time pipe sections, just two buddies away from all the contest drama putting down some ground breaking tricks together, including a few doubles before it meant going upside down twice. It will always stand the test of time as one of our favourite halfpipe moments.

Screenshot (763)

Now, in an unusual turn of events, skateboarding appears to be aping snowboarding - Tony Hawk has just put out this quite frankly insane vert edit of him and a bunch of friends (read all time skateboard legends) getting doubled up, and in one instance even triple stacking!

Shit be crazy. What it lacks somewhat in the artful calmness of Shaun and Kevin's segment it makes up for in terms of sheer skate tech bonkers and intensity. Minds blown.