Tommy Gesme might just be one of the most stylish rail riders going these days, and this Videograss edit of his collected park footage is just added proof.

Just check that steeze - buttery smooth with that head and arms down, shoulders arched posture. No matter if he's doing a simple back nosepress or a hyper tech back 180 on sw back 3 off, seemingly nothing can break that composure.

Moments to watch out for: the styled out-dialed in noseslide 450 out off the cannon rail at 0.45, the huge front board shifty to fakie at 0.57 and the front blunts 2-7, regs and switch at 1.50.

We have so much time to watch this kind of stuff, luckily Tommy has parts with both Videograss and Keep The Change coming out in the autumn. Even if you're more into your powder than rails this is style that blurs the boundaries.

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