In case you didn't catch it on the Beeb, here's Tim Warwood's tour of some of the UK's finest Dryslope institutions in full.

Moving up from Snowtrax in Dorset through to Warmwell and Gloucester with Jamie Nicholls (in just one day), then taking the Terminator himself, Andy Nudds, to the scorched site at Sheffield, before detouring through Kendal on the way to Bearsden; it's a mammoth trip from South to North, but one that does an excellent job of showing the grassroots of British snowsports in all its glory.

Capped with a session featuring GB Park and Pipe upstart Matt McCormick, as well as the diminutive but more-than-promising figure of Leon Drynan - it's retrospective but forward-looking too, and leaves us with a lot of hope for the future of the UK scene. Nice one Tim.