The third and final episode of The Overall dropped while we were away at ISPO in Munich and it's a fitting finale to a trio of edits that has seen three teams attempt to complete as many challenges on a long list of 83 as they can. Some of the irreverence you can expect in episode 3 include: a pair of girls making out, one-foot tricks over fire, making out with a granny, the most awesome looking chalet freestyle set up ever, boobies, superman frontflips and much, much more.

The Von Zipper team consisting of Valérian Ducourtil, Aymeric Tonin, Laurent Duhalde, and Allessandro Boyens racked up enough points for the victory and walked away with the cool €2000 prize - a pretty rad bonus for having a whole bunch of fun on and off a snowboard over six days. Where do we sign up for the next series?