It could be argued that true free jazz is the pinnacle of musical evolution - the point where total mastery of an instrument meets off the cuff freestyle. You have to know all the basics like your own skin as well as having the gift of taking them and turning them into something special.

Like him or hate him, Mike Rav embodies this concept in snowboarding, and this edit from last month's Lib Tech Holy Bowly is a perfect example.

At the start you can see how easily he can tackle park features, but then he moves on from these and gives a bit of his signature flair to the most basic side hits and trannies - in essence what the Holy Bowly is all about.

Skateboarders hate his roly poly antics, but we love them. Watching him interact with the snow with his whole body opens new doors as to what's possible with a simple snowboard an a hill.

Forget your pristine parks, this is all he needs to have fun on a snowboard, and it should be the same for you too.