As if one Aussie edit wasn't enough for the day, here's another one from 'Straya - this time placing the focus firmly on Thredbo in the somewhat aptly named Snowy Mountains.

This one has riding from Richie Carroll, Steve Griffis, Ant Haddrick, Pete Long, Matt Brazil, Tom Reilly, Louis Macindoe, Jared Dean, Rocco Rachiele, Tenzin Butt, Beau Williams, and Jake McCarthy.

While we haven't heard of any of the featured riders (we'd love to see more from the rather unfortunately named Tenzin Butt), the jibbing in it is pretty decent although we do wish all of the spectator/cameraman noises had been left on the cutting room floor. There's only so many times you can hear an Aussie going 'yiiiya!!' before it starts to grate...

But seriously, Tenzin Butt? ;)