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We were getting a little tired of the same old jangly, indie-tinged tune that seems to accompany many of the teasers we see these days. So when this one dropped into our inbox this morning we couldn't have been more stoked.

How refreshing is it to have some good old-fashioned rock in a snowboard trailer? And it just fits this style of riding amazingly too. The What We Want crew features some powerful riders in Gérome Mathieu, Johann Baisamy, Ethan Morgan and our very own Tyler Chorlton (to name a few) and the footage of the guys sending it in the backcountry to some guitar driven awesomeness is, well, awesome.

We’ll definitely be checking this one out on the Want We Want website when it drops on October 22nd and think you should too. Put in your diaries – Tyler’s impeccably maintained moustache beckons you.