Ever wondered what happens when snowboarders get sick of seeing their sport in super slow motion?

This is what happens Larry. This is what happens.

That's right, Brain Farm – purveyors of Travis Rice-themed HD heli shots – have turned their eye-wateringly expensive arsenal of lenses onto the world of skateboarding for their latest film We Are Blood. The subject matter might be fresh but there's a familiar feel to this, right down to the 'van driving through a puddle' and the 'droplets of water firing off a face' tropes, last seen in The Art of Flight (or was it That's It That's All? Or was it both?)

Expect lingering aerial footage, helicopters, pseudo-philosophical voiceovers about what it means to be a snowboarder/skateboarder, more helicopters, heavy synthesizers, sugary drinks, pyrotechnics, insane action and a complete lack of irony throughout.