While we can already enjoy The Art Of Flight and twe12ve, we'll have to wait another few weeks for Forum's Vacation.To tide you over til then, here's a fresh teaser.

Will their fun-loving approach, it's easy to forget just how solid the Forum team is. Vacation has the promise to top last year's F** It, with or without the injured John Jackson. The soundtrack's a move away from the cheesy rock of the last one (as well as the teaser for last year's movie) but they haven't quite turned their back on the 80's, going with an N.W.A. classic from 1989.

Well worth a watch, but be warned - the 'vacation' theme calls for graphic scenes of seriously good times, both on the snow and off. Hide the credit card because if you're not already booked up for a trip/season, you will be by the time you're done with this.