We've been sent over your classic Canadian backcountry teaser - nice ol' mellow track, some sled time, couple of rib shattering rag dolls and more lofty airs than a hot air balloon convention....or a Lib Dem party conference coming to think of it.

Filmed, chopped, and edited by Andrew Burns; it features Beau Bishop and Trevan Salmon doing their best to make us all jealous with their winters. Both are part of that criminally under-rated ream of riders from Canada, alongside guys like Matt Belzile, Rusty Ockenden, Chris Rasman and co. that have never managed to quite transcend onto the international scene in a big way (with no offence intended).

It's a shame when you look at past projects like 'Glimpse' or the roster of other projects they've been in, and the quality of them; but it's almost like the same problem that the Norwegians have with having far too many talented young guns. Supply outweighs demand if you wanted to get a little John Keynes about it.

I digress (as I always do) - Filmed in Canada, and Alaska; the first episode will be dropping in a fortnight, with the episodes coming fortnightly after that. And if there's any way to get you hyped on the coming season, it's faceshots.