Does screaming blues and powder up to your tits sound like your kind of thing? Well, for us at least that sounds like heaven, better than sex or even Haribos. True Color have just dropped us a teaser for their upcoming movie, appropriately called 'Nipple Deep'.

Fuck, it looks good. We get a lot of trailers every week and it takes a lot to stand out these days, but this looks truly ace. They've drunk the Red Bull Cool Aid (or do they cancel each other out?) and been kitted out with similar kit to the Brain Farm lot - Red cameras, MOVI steady cam rigs etc - and the results look amazing. Where Travis Rice et al choose the slow, ponderous, epic route, these guys are just straight up charging towards the finish line.

Don't let the American-ised misspelling of their name fool you, True Color are as Euro as it gets with heavy hitters like Stephan Maurer and DBK headlining a squad comprised of Lisa Filzmoser, Alvaro Vogel, Nicholas Wolken, Levi Luggen and Aurel Anthamatten.

Pretty awesome stuff eh? We're stoked for the release of this one and bet you are too. Helis, steady cam rig, world beating riding and enough powder to drown in: the perfect recipe for a shred flick.