Arriving on the usual tidal wave of hype, the latest trailer for The Fourth Phase has just appeared online.

In case you've missed the previous primers, The Fourth Phase is the third film from Brain Farm Cinema’s collaboration with Travis Rice, after 2009’s That’s It, That’s All and 2011’s Art Of Flight.

Like a curious hybrid of Michaels Fish and Palin, Trav embarked on a journey based on “the hydrological cycle", accompanied by some of the best riders on the planet. The whole thing was documented by a swarm of mega-mo cameras over the last few winters, for a project that we were starting to doubt would ever see the light of day.

This latest trailer is another prime cut of Brain Farm. As always there’s a voiceover, a mixture of scripted dialogue (“This process we follow... this cycle we ride") and off-the-cuff remarks (“There’s something amazing about being around someone who has just gone somewhere that they had never anticipated going") – with a little unintentional humour thrown in as well ("‘follow through’ means a lot").

Naturally the trailer doesn’t give much away action-wise, but it's clear that the crew has spared no expense. If you were down for the first two flicks then you’ll probably love The Fourth Phase just as much.

The Fourth Phase - featuring Jeremy Jones, Pat Moore, Bryan Iguchi, Mikkel Bang, Victor De Le Rue, Eric Jackson and many more - will be available to watch free on 2nd October at 9pm UK time, via the Red Bull TV app and website.