It's that time of year already! We've just got over how awesome the films from last winter were, and now teasers for this autumn's shred flicks are already dropping!

First up is Think Thank's new offering, Almanac 2014. Oh. My.

The Think Thank crew seems to have now switched up, Sean Genovese, Jesse Burtner et all don't feature in this edit, but newly professional Brandon Hammid, chick shredder Desiree Melancon and snowboard giant Ted Borland all do, heavily.

Whitelines office highlights include the darkslide in the intro, Brandon Reis' skate style street line and that huge gap-to-lipslide then through the corner; not sure who exactly it's by but it's jaw dropping.

All in, Think Thank look like they're up to their usual antics this winter, creativity and fun. Well worth a cheeky watch.