Check out this trailer for a new series of short films called The Powsurf Chronicles. It's along the lines of noboarding (the retro snurfer-style craze that came out of Canada a couple of years ago and which has been championed in Europe by Wolle Nyvelt), but 'Powdersurfing' claims to take things to the next level. The makers Grassroots promise "no bindings, no handles, no ropes or gimmicks. Simply the purest mix of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding on earth."

These shorter, rounder boards definitely look more akin to skate decks, and we have to say that Jeremy Jensen and friends look like they're having a whole lot of fun! True, Wolle Nyvelt has already stomped a kickflip of his own on his 'ASMO' board, but in this video it looks like they're now being thrown down for fun (and fittingly, right after the first ever kickflip on a surfboard). We'd be keen to try it - what about you?