Teasers, teasers, teasers. It seems there's more every summer, and even clips from summer camps and the southern hemisphere aren't as prevalent as the classic promo. It's not uncommon to get 'teaser fatigue' and skip them, but only a fool would miss out on this one. For their next flick The GUM Movie, Rip Curl have pulled out all the stops to create a banger of a trailer, unlike any we've ever seen.

Supposedly borne out of the underwhelming European winter, the movie sees the crew heading as far as Japan and Chile to get shots. The world they inhabit is presented as nightmarish and unsettling, a place where even bubblegum pops with a loud and ominous bang. Snippets of dialogue and eerie whistling winds add to the overall effect, and there's a nice use of the 'Matrix' gimmick first seen in this Jib Vid entry.

Victor De Le Rue, Nils Arvidsson and Elias Elhardt are among the riders on the Rip Curl books. The movie's out in (you guessed it) the autumn, but can it possibly live up to this trailer?