Remember that as-yet-unnamed follow-up to The Art Of Flight? Well, now it has a name - welcome to The Fourth Phase!

From start to finish, this is Brain Farm doing what they do best - chin-strokey voice-over, gratuitous nature porn, bone-shaking soundtrack, and of course some of the most insane snowboard shots ever seen.

Apparently the goal this time out was to hit absolutely nothing that had been ridden before. A tough task for the riders that Travis Rice had assembled - including Mikkel Bang, Bode Merrill, Pat Moore and Eric Jackson - but one they've seemingly pulled off with aplomb.

After almost two minutes of build-up, the first action shot is an absolute classic - and it only gets better from there. There's even a snippet of Travis exiting 'The Crack' - although didn't we already see that?...

There's still a long wait before we see the finished product, given that there's a lot more filming scheduled for this winter. On the evidence of this trailer, though, it'll be well worth the wait.