Never Summer are a bit of an odd one: a core US snowboard brand that have been building boards since 1983 (i.e. longer than most) but which has yet to really crack the European market. Across the pond, however, their unique Colorado roots and reputation for tough kit (thanks to a three-year warranty) means they are a serious industry player. Made In America (MIA) is their video offering for 2010/11, and judging by the teaser you can kinda see why NS are yet to compete with the slickest international brands. Whereas most other film companies are shooting crisp, saturated HD these days, MIA's grainy footage looks a little behind the times; they're also just getting on the boom cam bandwagon that started three or four years ago with Picture This. True, there's some properly sick footage here, but there's also a few decidedly average shots from some frankly unknown riders - like the lame flat roof hop on to 180-off (1.32). Perhaps it's all part of staying true to the company's Denver-built, product first approach (the movie name certainly implies so); but until they smack the world around the face with some next level riding and photography then NS look destined to remain on the periphery of the non-yank consciousness.