Japanese snowboard flicks are more often than not, insanely entertaining to watch. From the balls deep powder and ultra gangster park riding to the insights we get into Japanese shred culture, movies such as this upcoming full length from the Stonp crew are usually a refreshing change from the North American and European snowboard movies that we're all so familiar with. However, the Stonp crew is no ordinary Japanese crew, oh no - Stonp is Kazuhiro Kokubo's crew, and we all know how fooking huge that dude goes...

Needless to say we're massive fans of the pint sized, dreadlocked dude and his two-fingers-to-the-man attitude and always look forward to watching him shred.

Thankfully for us, all of the riders in the movie have been typed out for us by the uploader: 'Featuring: Kazuhiro Kokubo, Kohei Kudo, Kotaro Kamimura, Masaki Toda, Teddy Koo, Shoma Takao, Yuta Kiyohara, Yuta Kobayashi, Shin Biyajima, Kyota Miyake, Yusaku Horii, Kazuhey Nomura, MASAI, Takaharu Nakai, OZZY and more...'

...didn't really fancy having to type that one out.