The mighty Standard Films have just released the teaser for the 2010-11 effort, and we have to say it looks like an absolute belter! All the classic Standard Films elements appear to be in place - from the stonkingly heavy thrash metal soundtrack to the cringingly cheesy name. I mean 'The Storming', wtf? - at least it fits well alongside previous terrible Standard names like 'Catch the Vapours' and 'Notice to Appear'.

But just like with those classic films, it's not the name that counts. The rider list here is incredible, with Torstein Horgmo, Kazu Kokubo, both Helgason brothers and Xavier de La Rue leading the charge, and a there's even a comeback part from the old master Kevin Jones. From the look of this short teaser, Mike Hatchett and co have stepped it up a gear in terms of filming as well. Rest assured, this is gonna be a hell of a movie.