Rough Snowboards are an Italian snowboard brand who have slowly but surely been gaining traction in the European shred scene over the past couple of seasons.

The brand is set to release their first team movie this autumn and by the looks of the trailer, which features Fredu Sirvio, Vesa Nissanen, Oivind Fykse, Tommy Lanza, Jakub Szkaradek, Achille Mauri, Devid De Palma, Jacopo Lazzari and Luca Panegatti (we'll be honest in admitting we've only come across Fredu thus far), 'When the Going Gets Rough' is looking raw, tight and to the point (or as the kids would say, legit).

With a name and brand image that clearly prides itself on being, well... rough around the edges, don't be expecting epic, sweeping heli shots or long, overly drawn out arty intros in this one. How sick/tech does that ender look?