The first teaser to grace the site this week is here, and it's from yet another two-year project. However, this offering from Rome isn't another A Shot In The Dark or The Art Of Flight; it's a different beast altogether.

The Shred Remains: A Film About the 100-Day Perspective (to give it its full title), stars old hand Bjorn Leines alongside newer faces like LNP, Will Lavigne and teenage sensation Stale Sandbech. For their third feature, Rome haven't mixed it up too much. There's nothing too fancy edit-wise, just tons of amazing riding sandwiched inbetween two nasty slams.

We do love the epic scale of the big-budget projects, but there's something so good about seeing a back-to-basics trailer full of classic shots and a manic soundtrack. The riders all look pretty phenomenal as well - should be a great flick!