Bulgaria - it's hardly a place that springs to mind when you think of snowboarding but believe it or not the country actually has some pretty decent resorts. Bankso has great terrain, is cheap as chips and is home to a new music/snow festival called Horizon.

It's pretty unsurprising then that Bulgaria has a snowboard scene with it's own riders looking to get exposure in the melting pot that is mainland Europe. 'Rise Up' is apparently the third film from Bulgarian NKproductions and while they're certainly no Isenseven, the trailer looks pretty promising with park, street and pow spots all thrown in the mix.

The full film featuring Mario Benio, Georgi Mihaylov, Hristo Hristov, Antoni Krastev, Georgi Peltekov, Dimitar Chokoev, Lozyo Dimitrov, Georgi Georgiev, Dimitar Genkov, Pavel Kristov, Deyan Kirin, Dimitar Bantutov, Kiril Gastev, Yordan Mirchev, Ivan Ivanov, Vasil Krumov, Simeon Mitrev, Hristo Ahtopodov, Petar Gyosharkov, Borislav Stoyanov, Kamen Petrov, Bilal Barmawi, Georgi Georgiev, Kristian Aleksiev (try reading that list out in 15 seconds or less...!) is set to drop in November.