We just got sent this rad trailer from a new Swiss outfit: RAD Movie Productions. Have to say, we don't know much about these guys yet but from the looks of the trailer above it's fair to say the movie will be killer.

It also gets bonus points with us at WL as our Morzine based editor reckons quite a few of the shots could have come from the nearby Portes du Soleil, a win for us if a little biased.

Some of the natural hits and slashes are brilliant - everyone knows we at WL love a cheeky slash - plus the resort urban stuff is pretty rad, a neglected genre of riding from recent years if ever there was one.

Props have to be given for some of the slams as well, especially the faceplant onto the gnarly metal steps at 0.35 - ooft!

Anyway, the full movie is out in December, but if you want to see more sooner stay tuned to the guys' FB page through this link.