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We’ve had some pretty heavy trailers drop over the last week or so from some of snowboarding’s big guns. Still no sign of the trailer for Standard Film’s new one 2112 but we do have the epic trailer for Absinthe’s Resonance and now the new one from The Pirates titled Unique 8.

The Pirates are going for the less is more approach here, having cut down their crew considerably to a mere 8 – perhaps harkening back to the days of the legendary Forum 8. No Tyler Chorlton sadly, nor the Icelandic jesters in the Helgasons. However, these carefully selected 8: Gigi Rüf, Marco Feichtner, Arthur Longo, Nicolas Müller, Kalle Ohlson, Teo Konttinen, Chris Sörman and Werni Stock will be flying the flag for the Pirates this year, and by the look of the teaser will do a bloody good job of it. And with a soft, calculated tune to match, we’d go as far to say that this is our favourite trailer of the summer so far.

It takes a while to get going but this footage looks powerful, epic, crisp (switching from the beloved 16mm format to RED HD cameras will do that!), beautiful - all of the adjectives you could possibly think of to describe incredible snowboarding and filming. This one’s going to give the Absinthe’s, Standard’s and Burton’s a run for their money!