Phil Jaques - aka French Vanilla - is the start in the latest Tuesday teaser for Defenders of Awesome 2: STAY BAD ASS, CAPiTA's upcoming film. If you hadn't heard about it already, you should have: it looks awesome.

It's heavy stuff from the guy that had the final say in the first instalment, and if this time round he can produce anything half as impressive as that last part then, well, get ready for some dropped jaws at the première (date TBC).

And from the looks of this, he's right on course - that back lip, pretzel two-seven out is batshit man!

As always, we can't wait for the full movie to drop. And FYI, it's rumoured the the UK distributors for CAPiTA - The Riders Lounge - are looking for some bikini and balaclava clad girls to wield axes for said première. It sounds like we're in for a memorable night... Check out their Facebook page for more details.