The sequel to last year's 'Nice Try', 'Cheers' is looking very sick indeed, with a lot of crisp HD footage, saturated colour, exotic locations throughout North America and scandinavia and of course some banging snowboarding - keep an eye out for the tail press to nose press through a kinked ledge, the 'round-the-corner kink' and a bonkers kicker to wallride from Jeremy Jones right at the end.

The special effects-laden intro where the riders interact with each other is very reminiscent of this classic Robotfood intro for Afterlame - with a little bit of Heroes thrown in. Rip-off? Maybe, but it's still fun. There's a bit of a Brit-theme to the start too, with 90's Supergrass anthem 'Alright' and even a shot of the DC boys Devun Walsh, Lauri Heiskari and Aaron Biitner in Union Jack hats during a trip to London (0:50). I wonder what they all make of the line "smoke a fag"...?