As statements of intent go - Odd Folks have come out with a cracker in their teaser for their second movie! Foreign Affair is set up to land in September, but off the back of this drop, there have already been plenty of people calling to see it sooner.

Set in Japan, Finland, Whistler and Quebec, it carries with it a heavy cast of some of Australia's best as well as a bunch of guest spots from global big hitters. Catch the crash-reel packed teaser above.

Aussies: Joel Cantle, Jye Kearney, Troy Sturrock, Ryan Tiene, Harry Green, Tim Laidlaw, Rocco Rachiele and Josh Anderson.

Guests: JJ Rayward, Torstein Horgmo, Craig McMorris, Ryusei Takahasi, Charlie Steinbacher, Zak Hale and Werni Stock.