Their snowboard team, featuring the likes of Nicolas Müller, Gigi Rüf, Halldor Helgason, Jed Anderson, Danny Kass and more is one of the heaviest in the game and although the voiceover in the trailer is a little cheesy, the scale and sheer epicness of this footage is far, far from it.

Some of our personal favourite shots include Müller's massive hand drag at 00:31 and the brutal (but let's face it, pretty funny) tree faceplant at 00:25.

The full film is set to drop on the 16th September and by the looks of Nike's website, we can look forward to a bunch of mini-edits and teasers in the lead up to it as well.

UPDATE: We've just clocked onto the fact that by the looks of things (and if you don't mind getting a bit of a headache), you'll be able to watch this in 3D! Try hitting the 3D button on the Youtube player next to the playback settings. Bring anyone else back to the They Came From? days?