Take a look at the official teaser for Nicolas Müller's new movie 'Fruition - The Life and Dreams of Nicholas Müller.

What makes someone a legend? Is it the length of their career, the influence of their creative output, their personality, or some intangible combination of the above? In our minds at least, there's little doubt that Nicholas Müller is one of the greatest to ever step on a snowboard, and his new movie 'Fruition - The Life and Dreams of Nicolas Müller' aims to give us an insight into who Nicholas really is, where he's come from and where he's going.

Of course, the snowboarding featured will undoubtedly be mind-blowing, with Nicolas' signature surfy style and unmatched ability to scope out terrain acting as a framework for his narrative.

We're really just stoked to see some new footage from one of the true kings of style.

The world premiere of Fruition is going down on the 3rd of December in Zurich - don't miss out on catching this one!