If you haven't heard of it before, 'The Little Things' is a non-profit snowboard film due for release this autumn with a focus on the environment, but unlike previous attempts to inspire change this project promises to focus on the positive. Instead of shots of bleak landscapes and oil-covered crows it promises to highlight what people are already doing to lessen snowboarding's impact on Mother Nature with a view to inspire others rather than just pointing fingers.

On top of that, it comes with a killer cast: Jeremy Jones, Tamo Campos, Nicolas Muller, Gretchen Bleiler and Mike Basich to name a few, plus Marie France-Roy who also doubles as the brains behind the whole project, directed by Darcy Turenne.

Plus, the cinematography from the trailers so far look spot on: beautifully shot but without lingering on fluffy filler material, the filming looks to compliment the level of riding perfectly.

As this is a not-for-profit movie, they are looking for extra funding to push the film through its last post-production stages and into the release stage, and seeing as it's international Earth Day today they've launched a Kickstarter campaign to help them collect the last few dollars they need to get it finished up.

In our opinion, the film looks set to be stunning, so why not pop over to the page and have a look. After all, Earth Day is once a year, but the Earth is forever.