[mpora_video id=AA68aEZMeaZ]

Here's one for the ladies! The new flick 'Eurotic' from all-girl production crew Lipstick is the follow up to last season's '5 more minutes...please?!' which you can watch in full here. The film is dropping in the Autumn and features many noteworthy Euro riders including the star of our recent wallpaper Basa Stevulova and our very own Aimee Fuller, who gets a cheeky laid out backflip (what else eh?) in at the end of the teaser. Rad!

If the previous Lipstick movie is anything to go by, the riding will be on-point and should have a really nice mix of park, pow and rails. And with Aimee featuring in it as an added bonus, we'll be checking this one out for sure.