It's still relatively early in the year for snowboard movie teasers, but we've just been treated to one that many of us wait for with baited breath every year - a look at the newest Isenseven offering.

In our eyes at least, Isenseven remain one of the best snowboard film crews in the game right now and their trailers, like last year's one for Fool's Gold are always works of art in their own right. It's great to see a teaser that isn't afraid to take its time (the action doesn't even start until over a minute in!), carefully balancing the mellow pace of the song with sweeping scenics, beautifully thought out lifestyle shots and of course, epic action.

This year, Iseneseven are taking a slightly different approach to their movie which,

follows the season of Alex Tank, DBK, Stephan Maurer, Wojtek Pawlusiak and Ludde Lejkner, on their journey through the world and their home countries in search of the best snow, the best spots and most of all: The best times!

The format lends itself to more of a documentary style flick rather than the part-based movies we've become used to but Isenseven have assured us that there will be plenty of riding to ogle. The five Isenseven stalwarts mentioned above will be joined by usual suspects Marco Smolla, Fips and Tobi Strauss alongside cameo appearances from friends.

As always, we can't wait to see how this turns out and Isenseven are surely set to remain one of the most drool-inducing filmcrews of the season.