With so many trailers, teasers, webisodes and whatnot appearing online all the time, it's often hard to get stoked about a new one. It doesn't help when the rider list contains mostly unknowns, as is the case with La Famiglia's Hit The Sky. However, one name on the roster caught our attention - a certain Mr. Gian Simmen!

Gian, of course, became snowboarding's first Olympic gold medal winner (OK, technically that was Ross Rebagliati, but who's counting slalom?), when he took victory in the halfpipe at the 1998 games. He's never truly gone away, appearing in 2006's Snowbored? and last year's We Make The Great Days Better, but it's great to see that he's still out there. The trailer for his new film looks epic as well - check out the tree slam and the triple backflip! We look forward to seeing the finished product.