Here's a teaser from the Japanese 'Heart Films' crew. This one's really nicely shot and in contrast to the recent teaser from fellow Japanese riders in the Stonp crew, there's not a single rail or urban shot to be seen here. This flick looks as if it's all about the powder, whether that be blasting through trees, dropping cliffs or taking sweeping lines through steep chutes.

There aren't any big name riders in this one but the snowboarding looks up to scratch - although what's up with the random skier straight-lining the chute at 2:30? Props to that man! Vol. 6 features Takafumi Konishi, Futa Adachi, Yuta Watanabe, Tomohide Inoue, Kazuumi Fujita, Yu Sasaki, Tetsu Kawaguchi, and moreā€¦