Here’s a rad little teaser from Swedish crew ‘It’sontvinternet’ who will be dropping their first full-length movie ‘Framed,’ by the time that everyone is frothing at the bit at the thought of shredding again in the Autumn. This teaser is actually really good and has a great feel-good vibe to it - drastically helped, of course, by the fact that it’s cut to the beats of the classic ‘Praise You’ by everyone’s favourite Mr Cook. Please correct us if we're mistaken but seriously, how has nobody used that song in a teaser before?!

The film features some of the cream of Swedish snowboard talent including Jonas 'Bonus' Carlson, Nils Arvidsson, Jonathan Lejkner, Niklas Mattsson, Anton Gunnarsson and many more. It also seems like the movie is going to be a well-rounded affair with a good mix of pow, park, rails and other random shenanigans. Suffice it to say, we’re looking forward to this one.