Fresh from winning the Transworld Team Shoot Out this week, the Technine snowboard team - led by MFM, Dylan Thompson and Lucas Magoon - have reappeared in this rad trailer for the new FODT/MFM film 'Familia 2'. The general theme seems to be snowboarding in shady-looking urban locations that Robocop would think twice about visiting, from the East Side ("muthafu*ka!") to Estonia and Japan. There is some crazy shit going down here - keep an eye out for the huge building gap right at the start, the upside down wallride(!) on 0:25, a truly hideous slam on 0:49 and the boardslide bunny hops on 0:59... actually just watch the whole bloody thing, it's all sickatron. We're wondering though - is the blatantly illegal railway line jib (1:40) as radical as Andy Hetzl and Temple Cummins' train jump from way back in 1995? Answers on a postcard/comments form please.