CAPiTA 'superCORP' last night dropped this teaser for a teaser on their Instagram account. Never a company to use excessive words, always letting the riding do the talking, the message is clear: this is intended to blow snowboarding out of the water.

The official trailer for Defender of Awesome 2 will be online on Wednesday (so Wednesday night/Thursday morning UK time) and we couldn't be more excited.

Come on, who wouldn't be? Defenders of Awesome was one of the very best snowboard films of recent years and the accompanying trailer - set to Red Fang - still sets hairs on end.

Yup, the last one was a true modern classic and will be nigh on impossible to trump, but with an all start cast including - but not limited to - Scott Stevens, Brandon Cocard, Dan Brisse and Jess Kimura we think they might just do it. The whole team's footage from the season just gone has been locked up in preparation for this.

Just incase you needed any more excuse to fuel the stoke, here's their trailer from 2011. STAY BAD ASS.