[mpora_video id='rIFsPpPcJ/'] UK brand Love Inc. (who we talked to for the "Own Brand" page of the forthcoming issue) are branching out into the great white north that is Canada this winter, as part of their journey down the path to world domination. One of the key steps in this process has been to hook up a local Canadian crew, The Business Ltd. And no, I don't think they sat down and thought "Ltd. - Inc. That'll make a good combination" I think that was just co-incidence. But either way, The Business Ltd. are now going into erm... business with Love Inc. helping produce this sick-looking movie, Snap Crackle and Pop.

Amongst the unfamiliar Canadian names, the Corey Kowalskis and the Baylan McGraws, there are a couple you should recognise - the UK's very own Jonny Russell (or at least someone who looks very similar to him called John Russle...) and Tom Honey also have parts in this film. Which should be more than enough of a reason to make you go and check it out. DVDs of the movie will be available on the Love Inc. website shortly, so go and grab yourself a copy!