Patriotic miller flips, rail transfers, dinosaur taps, helmet bonks, bungee backflips, river gaps, liquid mud landings and snowmen decapitations: WTF?!

Well, appropriatly, WTF just so happens to be the name of the latest teaser to drop this summer, direct from Aunti.Films. Featuring some of the funnest looking snowboarding we've seen yet from the annual trailer fest the internet becomes, we're hyped to catch this when the full length version is released in the autumn.

There's a whole massive list of names of shredders involved, the ones that jumped out at and immediately got us stoked were Ben Lynch, Tucker Andrews, Seth Hill and... Pat Milbery?

Pat Milbery is back everyone! All hail the blue domed wonder, absent from our screens and our hearts for a good few years now. WL is so stoked to see the SO-GNAR INC director return to the fray!