Afterlife is now available for pre-order on Vimeo On Demand

After a successful crowdfunding drive - where one generous benefactor even shelled out a monkey to have dinner with Ollie Dutton at the Milton Keynes Nando's - the Grindhouse crew got the cash they needed to finish their latest movie; and this insanely good trailer suggests that it could be their best yet.

GH stalwarts Andy Nudds, John Weatherley and Jonny Pickup are joined this time by a solid Finnish crew - Janne Lipsanen, Antti Jussila & Nik Länsiö to name just a few. There's also a welcome return to the fold for Jamie Nicholls.

With roof gaps, powder, backcountry booters and more kinks than you can shake a stick at, this looks like it'll add up to more than the sum of its considerable parts. Money well spent, for sure - we can't wait to see the full thing when it drops in the autumn.