The tweedledee and tweedledum of Swedish snowboarding dropped by our stand at ISPO 2015 for a good ol' fashioned chat with Henry Jackson. Both Kevin Backstrom and Tör Lundstrom are two of the most exciting European riders on the scene right now. Not only for their rad series BYND X MDLS, but for Tor's competitive career and just their general day to day antics.

Tor Lundström is sponsored by Bataleon and Von Zipper, he has been competing in the FIS World Cup and the TTR World Snowboard Tour since the 2007/08 season with a best finish of 17th in the Big Air World Tour Ranking in 2012/13.

Kevin's currently on Capita and films for the BYND X MDLS series full-time with Tor and Diggles. He was also featured in Mikkel Bang’s – 13 and Torstein Horgmo’s – Horgasm.

We role through the Ale Invite - Kevin and Tor's flagship contest that throws up a few issues they hadn't thought of.